Anthony Joshua Steals Amir Khan’s Wife And Gave Her The Pipe? #WhenYouGoBlack | Twitter Beef’s!!

Twitter exploded earlier today as Amir Khan and his wife went public about their relationship issues. They both have taken to twitter to expose each other for cheating with a number of people, whoever…

Amir Khan dropped a bombshell nobody expect by sharing a screenshot messages sent between his soon to be ex wife and another individual called ‘Ghost’. What we know for sure is it isnt the Ghost from the hit U.S  drama series Power.


Khan’s wife also posted up some tweets of her own but deleted them shortly after, Luckily we grabbed some screenshots before she did. Apparently she is fed up of Khan sleeping around and living the party life constantly while she’s at home twiddling her thumbs, however if the stories are true then it isn’t her thumbs she was sat playing with while he was away.


We will have to wait and see what else gets shared or exposed over the next few days as emotions are sure to rise even more. Amir Khan can act like he isn’t bothered but we ain’t that stupid and can see this has really got under his skin and it is understandable.

Do you think they have made the right choice by taking everything so public though?

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